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Garage Door Panel Repair & Replacement

Garage Doors Specialists

With over ten years of experience, the experts at Zeeland Garage Door can help you determine whether it's more beneficial to repair or replace your garage door panels.

Of all the parts that make up a garage door, the panel sections are the largest and most visible. Some common causes of damage to garage door panels include vehicle impact, hail damage, and warping or cracking from weather. Most high-quality garage doors have at least four panels, and they can sometimes be replaced independently of each other.


When you notice damage to one or more panels on your garage door, you may have the option to repair single panels instead of replacing the entire door. The experts at Zeeland Garage Door can help you determine the best solution for your situation.

Metal Garage Doors

Repair or Replace?

In some cases, it's possible to fix just one damaged panel. However, it's sometimes more cost-effective to replace the entire door. Whether a repair is both feasible and economical needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Here is a guide to help you determine when to replace vs repair:

Garage Doors Technicians

When to Replace Your Garage Door

  • There are large dents in several panels. When there's extensive damage, a full replacement is often more cost-effective.

  • You notice sagging in your garage door panels. To keep your garage door functioning long-term, replacing the door is often the best solution for sagging panels.

  • Your garage door model is over 15 years old. Older models make it difficult to find replacement parts, so you may end up with mismatched panels or a repair may not be possible at all.

When to Repair
Garage Door Panels

  • The damage or malfunction is limited to one panel. If most of your garage door is without damage, you may be able to replace a single panel section rather than the entire door.

  • The other parts of the door are functioning properly. Our team will inspect your garage door system to make sure that no other parts need repair or replacement.

  • Replacement parts are available to match the original design. Finding the right replacement parts is essential to making sure your garage door functions well and looks good.

Why Call a Professional to Repair or Replace Damaged Garage Door Panels?

Garage Door Service

An overhead door that is in good condition will operate safely, protecting you, your family, and the items stored in your garage. Not only do broken or damaged panels lower the cosmetic appeal of your garage door, they can also compromise security by allowing an access point into your garage and compromise safety by failing to operate as designed.


As soon as you experience malfunctions or notice damage to your garage door panels, call a professional garage door service to correct the issue and avoid future problems.

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